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30 Lessons in Fasting – Shaykh Fawzan [Click Here to Read]

  • 01. Clarifying when the fast of Ramadan became an obligation upon the Ummah
  • 02. Clarifying How to Verify the Month of Ramadan Has Entered
  • 03. The Virtues of the Month of Ramadan and How Should the Month be Greeted
  • 04. What is Befitting that the Time Be Occupied with during the Blessed Month of Ramadan
  • 05. Clarifying the Beginning of the Fasting Day and Its End
  • 06. Clarifying the Ruling of the Intention Regarding the Fast
  • 07. Upon Whom is the Fast Obligatory?
  • 08. Clarifying who is excused to leave off fasting during the month of Ramadan and what is the obligation upon them
  • 09. Clarifying the virtues of fasting
  • 10. Clarifying the benefits of fasting
  • 11. From the Etiquettes of the Fast
  • 12. Clarifying That Which is Forbidden With Regards to the Fasting Person
  • 13. Clarifying What is Disliked for the Fasting Person
  • 14. Explaining the first type from the Corrupters of the Fast
  • 15. Clarifying the second and third invalidators of the fast
  • 16. Clarifying the fourth and fifth invalidators of the fast
  • 17. Clarifying the Rulings in Relation to Making up the Fast
  • 18. Clarifying the Rulings of al-Qadaa (Making Up Missed Days)
  • 19. Salat at-Taraweeh and its rulings
  • 20. Rushing to learn the Qur’an and its recital, especially in this blessed month
  • 21. Charity and its’ rulings
  • 22. Clarifying what is obligatory to pay for Zakat
  • 23. Concerning the Rulings of az-Zakah
  • 24. Incitement Upon Increasing in Striving to Do Righteous Deeds in the Last Ten Nights of Ramadaan
  • 25. On Clarifying the Rulings of I’tikaf
  • 26. On Clarifying the Virtue of Laylat-al-Qadr and Hastening to Strive in It
  • 27.
  • 28. Clarifying what is legislated at the End of the Month
  • 29. Clarifying the Rulings of Sadaqatul-Fitr
  • 30. What is Obligatory Upon the Muslim After the Month of Ramadaan
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