Dr Murtaza Baksh

Clarification about Farhat Hashmi

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1 – The Statement of Tawheed – 01-09-1433 – Dr Murtaza Baksh 
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2 – Preserving the Religion – 05-11-1433 – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh
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3 – Giving Advice – It’s Importance – 25-07-1433 – Dr Murtaza Baksh
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4 – Before Death – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh
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5 – My Last Day – Judgment Day – 08-02-1434 – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh 
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Preserving your Actions – 6-10-1433 – Dr Murtaza Baksh (hafidhahullaah)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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A must listen audio lectures for those who claim to be Ahle Hadees. This is not just the aqeedah of Imams Aboo Zur’ah (d. 264 H.) and Aboo Haatim (d. 277 H.) (may Allaah have mercy upon them) but that of the real Ahlul Hadeeth in all times and places.


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Explanation of of Four Principles of Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdil Wahab (Rahimahullah)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 The Killing in Woolwich


Dr Murtaza bin Baksh

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Dr Murtaza bin Baksh(حفظه الله تعالى) tell you about what Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri (may Allah guide him and rectify his affairs) has to say about the Islam along with Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism and other faiths.

You will be shocked…

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Mawlid un NAbee…Dr Murtaza Baksh

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Here is a detailed refutation by Dr. Murtaza Bakshحفظه الله تعالى in Urdu of the deviant individual known as of Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri.  The same Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri who lies upon Allah and Rasool without any shame.  Decieving and tricking the people in both matters of deen and dunya as Dr. Murtaza Baksh حفظه الله تعالى proves from the words of this individual.

It is very important that we spread these lectures far and wide as this individual has and continues to misguide many individuals (specifically in Pakistan) leading to him receiving the title of “Shaykhul-Islam” from his followers.  A title that is in no way is befitting for this individual, as you will find out once you listen to the series of lectures listed below.

Dr. Murtaza Baksh in this particular series of lectures discusses 15 key issues that this individual has deviated in.

Click on the links to download the lectures.

Part 01: Listen / Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 33:40)

Part 02: Listen / Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 38:44 )

Part 03: Listen / Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 48:27)

Part 04: Listen / Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 31:16)

Audio Courtesy: ashabulhadith.com

Usool as-Sitta ( The Six Fundamentals) – Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab (rahimahullaah)
Explained by Dr. Murtaza Baksh (hafidhahullaah)

Usool as-Sitta ( The Six Fundamentals) - Dr. Murtaza Baksh

Part 01 : Listen /Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 31:00)

Part 02 : Listen /Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 28:19)

Part 03 : Listen /Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 01:03:14)

Part 04: Listen /Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 56:37)

Part 05: Listen /Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 37:21)

Part 06 : Listen /Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 52:06)

Part 07 : Listen /Download Mp3 Here or Here (Time 27:16)

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