Bidah & Sects

Innovation (Bidah)

Fatwas on Innovation

Sins & Evil Effects of Innovation

Innovative Practices in Ibadah

Innovative Celebrations & Festivals

Innovative Authors – Scholars – Callers

Devient Sects – Groups



Building a dome on the grave of the Prophet may not be taken as an example

Sufism and building domes over graves

Sufism and the Islamic stance from it

Tariqahs, Wirds and Dhikr

Wirds and Sufi Bid`ahs

Bid`ahs of Sufis

Sufism mostly involves Bid`ahs nowadays

Sufism mostly involves Bid`ahs

Are Sufi Tariqahs on the right path or on deviation?

The meaning of Sufis saying “So-and-so is the owner of time and can dispose of people’s affairs”

Can a normal person receive revelation directly from Allah?

Sufi dancing and singing

Validity of Dhikr through dancing and swaying

The Sufi claim that the Prophet knew the Qur’an before it was revealed

Sufis claiming to see the Prophet while awake

Ruling on Sufi’s saying Dhikr on certain nights with certain forms and saying “O, so and so! Help me!”

Does Islam tolerate the Sufi Tariqahs such as Al-Shadhiliyyah?

Islam does not tolerate Sufi Tariqahs

Ruling on following the Sufi Tariqahs spreading in our times

The soul of a Waly ascending to the heaven

The souls and not bodies of Awliya’ going to heaven

Falsity of claiming that remembering Allah is better than the obligatory Salah and answering them

Invalidity of the permission granted by a shaykh to his disciple and claiming so

Ruling on following some Sufi Tariqahs such as Al-Shadhiliyyah

The Bid`ah of holding banquets on Mawlid celebrating the Prophet and Awliya’

Invocating Allah with the single pronoun formula

Ruling on supplicating to Allah saying “O Ho”

The Bid`ah of chanting Dhikr in various ways after Salah

Ruling on delaying slaughtering the Udhiyah three days after the `Eid

The Bid`ah related to Sufi Dhikr said collectively while swaying

Ruling on some Sufi Tariqahs such as Izalat Al-Bida` and Al-Qadiriyyah

Ruling on the so-called “Hizb Al-Aman”, “Salah Al-Nuqtah” and “Salah Al-Lahutiyyah”

Praying with Sufis

Ruling in praying in a Masjid that has a Sufi Tariqah

Ruling on sitting with Sufi Tariqahs remembering Allah while swaying

The Sects

Muslims’ stance from sects

Al-Burhamiyyah Tariqah

The Naqshabandiyyah


The Isma`ili Sect

The Bareilwi order




Al-Qadianiyyah order

Ruling on Al-Ahmadiyyah sect and their beliefs

Ruling on the Sufi order called Al-Qadyaniyyah and their alleged prophet

The difference between the Muslims and Al-Ahmadiyyun


The so-called Salat Al-Fatih

The Wird of Al-Tijaniyyah Order

Ruling on the Wird of Al-Tijaniyyah Order and the practice of spreading a white cloth in the Masjid when saying Dhikr

Ruling on reading Wird of Al-Tijaniyyah and worship Allah through it

Ruling on saying Wirds of Al-Qadianiyyah and Al-Tijaniyyah and ruling on the Sufi Book “Dala’il Al-Khayrat”

Ruling on reciting poetry upon the completion of reciting the Qur’an

Al-Tijaniyyah as one of the most disbelieving and misguided Tariqahs

Introducing Ahmad Al-Tijany, his Tariqah, beliefs and the Shari`ah ruling on his followers

Ruling on praying behind an innovating Imam following Al-Tijaniyyah

The Masjid controlled by Al-Tijaniyyah followers

Ruling on abandoning the Masjid controlled by Al-Tijaniyyah followers

Ruling on the Imamate of a follower of Al-Tijaniyyah and praying behind them

Ruling on the recitation of Al-Tijaniyyah and Al-Qadiriyyah and praying behind their follower and offering funeral prayer for them

Does the Shirk mentioned in the Ayah “And do not marry Al-Mushrikât (idolatresses, etc.) till they believe” include those who follow some Tariqahs such as Al-Tijaniyyah

Ruling on the Wird of Al-Tijaniyyah, Al-Qadiriyyah and others


Excessiveness of Al-Qadiriyyah

Ruling on the merits of Shaykh Abdul-Qadir

The Kharijites

The meaning of the Hadith “During the last days, some young foolish people will appear”

Al-Ibadiyyahisone as one of the deviant sects

The Rafidah

The difference between Sunnis and Shiites

Ruling on the slaughtered animals of those who supplicate to Al-Hasan, Al-Husayn and `Aly at times of adversity

The offerings of those who supplicate to other than Allah are dead meat that is unlawful to eat

Ruling on marrying from those who supplicate to AL-Hasan, Al-Husayn and `Aly apart from Allah

Scholars’ book about Shiites and their details

Ruling on the modern Shiites

Claiming that `Aly on the rank of prophethood and Jibril made a mistake

Ruling on putting `Aly on the rank of prophethood and Jibril made a mistake

Ruling on the followers of Al-Imamiyyah Al-Ithna, which is one of the Rafidi sects and the difference between the scholars and followers of any deviant Muslim sect

Ruling on the Imamite Shiaan sect in Islam and its origin

The reality of the Iranian Shiites and their chief and answering those who claim there is no true Muslim leader except Ayatollah Khomeini


Prostrating to other than Allah as Bohras do

Bohras women kissing their chief’s hands and legs and those of his household

The chief scholar of Bohras claiming he is the owner of the soul and faith in behalf of his followers

The chief scholar of Bohras claiming he owns all Waqf properties

The chief scholar of Bohras claiming he has the right to socially boycott those who oppose him

Ruling on religious discrimination in Islam

Transmigration of souls

The reality of Transmigration of souls

Validity of the ape-man theory


The meaning of Bid`ah

The meaning of a good and evil Bid`ah

The meaning of “Newly Invented Things”

Ways of Denouncing Bid`ahs

Not all Bid`ahs are equal in evil

Ruling on someone who persists on reciting the Qur’an over the dead before and after the burial and slaughtering a sheep to the funeral attendees

Meaning and types of Bid`ah

Rejected and accepted innovations

Types of Bid`ah

Good and evil Bid`ahs

Ruling on raising the voice when saying Dhikr and reciting Ayat-ul-Kursi after Salah

Explaining the Hadith “Whoever innovates anything in this matter” and “Whoever introduces some good practice”

Deeds are to be agreement with the Qur’an and the Sunnah

The Qur’an and Sunnah as the criteria of deeds

Books free from Bid`ahs and warning against them

Bid`ah related to Qur’an recitation

Specifying some Surahs of the Qur’an as the “Saving Surahs”

Permissibility of gathering people to recite the Qur’an for a particular person

Ruling on reciting Al-Fatihah after offering Witr after `Isha’ Prayer

Ruling on reciting Al-Fatihah during school’s morning assembly

Gathering people to recite the Qur’an with the intention of gaining more of Allah’s provision

Preparing banquets for completing the recitation of the Qur’an

Ruling on distributing food and drink following Khatmah

Ruling on writing Ayahs on a paper and putting it in water then drinking it to facilitate memorizing Qur’an

Hand washing after Qur’an recitation

Gathering to recite the Qur’an

Ruling on reciting the Qur’an collectively and in unison after the prayer

Ruling on reciting the Qur’an collectively and in unison on Friday before the Imam enters

Bid`ahs of Salah

Putting the hand on the head after Salah

Ruling on Tarawih

Ruling on reciting Qur’an through loudspeakers and the Ibtihalat

Ruling on Nafilah prayer offered on the last Wednesday of Safar

Ruling on the Bid`ah in “Al-Du`a’ Al-Mustajab”

Ruling on reciting Qur’an before the arrival of the Imam on Friday

Ruling on rubbing oneself against the walls of the Masjids at Al-Rahmah Mountain in`Arafah

Ruling on performing Tawaf around a Masjid seven times on completion

Ruling on adding words before or after the Adhan

Ruling on sending blessings on the Prophet loudly before or after the Adhan

Bid’ah of Sawm

Ruling on observing Sawm on certain days in Rajab

Sawm during Rajab and Sha`ban

Bid`ahs of Hajj

Custodians of the Ka`bah have no worldly or religious superiority compared to other people

Setting aside a certain bed until a pilgrim comes back to use it

Ruling on changing names after Hajj

Bid`ah of Du`a’

Assigning someone to recite the daily morning and evening Wird

Making Dhikr collectively and reciting the entire Qur’an together in one voice

Swaying while remembering Allah

Repeating saying “O Latif”

Desirability of maintaining the Shari`ah way of remembering Allah

Ruling on reciting Al-Fatihah for the dead and otherwise

Reciting certain verses after the Jumu`ah Prayer

The Khatib and listener talking during the Friday Khutbah

Ruling on the Khatib and listener talking during the Friday Khutbah

Ruling on sending blessings on the Prophet loudly and saying collective supplications after Salah

Reciting Al-Fatihah after supplicating

Ruling on reciting Al-Fatihah after supplicating

Ruling on saying Dhikr collectively between Tarawih and the time and number of Tarawih

Ruling on remembering Allah loudly while swaying

Allocating a Dhikr for a certain day

Remembering Allah by saying the two Shahadah

Desirability of remembering Allah by saying the two Shahadah as related

Ruling on supplicating for the dead before moving the body, after the Funeral Prayer and after burial

Ruling on reciting Al-Fatihah and Al-Salah Al-Ibrahimiyyah and ending by reciting, “Glorified be your Lord, the Lord of Honor and Power!”

Ruling on individually or collectively reciting Al-Fatihah after Salah

Ruling on reciting Al-Fatihah after Salah

Ruling on reciting Al-Fatihah after supplication

Ruling on reciting the Qur’an before the Adhan

Ruling on reciting the Qur’an and supplicating before the Adhan

Ruling on turning the radio on in the Masjid before the time of Salah and ruling on offering the Funeral Prayer before an Obligatory Salah

  1. Syeda
    September 12, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    Assalam o Alaikum wa Rehmatullah e Wabarakatuhu Akhi,

    I am looking for a Salafi Scholar in Toronto, Canada. It will be great if i could find any Scholar in Mississauga, as it will be easy for me to reach him, Insha’Allah. Please kindly help me with this situation, Jazak’Allah.

    Wasalam wa Rehmatullah e Wabarakatuhu.

  2. April 10, 2012 at 1:06 am

    Walaikum assalam warahmatullaah…i dont know about any scholars in toronto but yeah i have some brothers over there.i could ask them n tell u very soon inshaAllaah

  3. April 29, 2012 at 12:57 am

    Walaikum wa rahmatullah,

    There is no scholar in north America, let alone Toronto, but in Toronto we have troid masjid who are connected to our Salafi scholars in Saudi and else. Even every saturday they have class with sheikh zayed al madkhali, even last Saturday they had tele link with sheikh ubaid al Jabari.

    So the sister can connect to troid masjid, and this would be her link to Salafi scholars. This summer we might hav sheikh Mohammad Ramadan al Hajuri again inshallah from Saudi.

    With Allah lies all success.

    Was salaamu alaykum
    Abu Khadijah Saifuddin

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