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Innovated Celebrations

Innovative Authors – Scholars – Callers

Devient Sects – Groups

  • [Blog] The Reasons For The Deviant Sects in Islam – By Shaykh Saalim at-Taweel (Ar/En)
  • Al-Bayaa and Hizbiyyah Pledges of Allegiance Parties – by Dr. Saleh As-Saleh
  • The Harms of Hizbiyyah – by Abul Hasan Malik al-Akhdar
    A khutbah delivered by Abul-Hasan Maalik Ibn Aadam that is based upon the book of Shaykh Yahyaa al-Hajooree, Adraarul-Hizbiyyah (the harms of hizbiyyah) – the khateeb also expounds upon the dangers of nationalism and boasting about one’s lineage.
  • Its Haraam to be a Hizbee – by Abu Uwais Abdullah Alee
    Hizbiyyah (partisanship) whether it be to a nation, tribe, organisation or group is prohibited. The only partisanship one should have is to Allaah and his Messenger (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), partisanship for the truth.
  • Mistakes of the Salaf vs Mistakes of the Khalaf – by Abul Hasan Malik al-Akhdar
    A lecture based upon the question, “Some of the people make tabdee’ of some of the A’immah such as Ibn Hajr, an-Nawawee, Ibn Hazm, ash-Shawkaanee and al-Bayhaqee and other them… Saying that it is not permissible to read their books, there are even stories of them burning their books, is this correct?”
    Review: A decisive blow to the hizbiyyeen who love to equate the errors of the juhaal (ignoramuses) such as Sayyib Qutb, Abul-Fitan al-Misree and those who arose from their mucus and poisonous ink with the shortcomings of the ‘ulamaa of the salaf. Thus, providing them with an ‘escape clause’ any time they are exposed issuing a statement which opposes the deen of Allaah and the sunnah of the Messenger (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). Such that they can error and error and error and be free from blame since they hoodwink the general folk with the idea that the likes of Imaam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, the vanguard of the Sunnah in his time, the one who aided Islaam had mistakes in ‘aqeedah. An evil plot which has been abolished by the ahlul-hadeeth.
  • A Warning Against The Evils Of Ghuloo Extremism – by Aboo Hakeem Bilaal Davis
  • Perpetrators of Corruption in Our Times – by Aboo Hakeem Bilaal Davis
  • There are NO scholars in the West – by Abu Uwais Abdullah Alee
    A hearty blow to one of the scandalous misconceptions disseminated by the ahlul-bid’ah. The false claim that someone from the West is a scholar was spread vigorously in the past decade with the intention of disconnecting the general Muslim from the Scholar. Therefore, breaking the link between the Muslim and the ‘Inheritor of the Prophet’, a deadly misguidance which kept many away from the clarity of the scholars, in effect, disconnecting them from the Sunnah and the sources of the Sunnah (the scholars). – Several years on, this brave speech is indicative of the bravery and love our brother (rahimahullaah) had for the Sunnah and its people. The affairs of Aboo Muslimah became clear due to the efforts of Aboo Uways and others, however, this talk was a catalyst in clarfying the affair and drumming in to the minds of the listener the status of the ‘Ulamaa and the hizbiyyah of this once famous and popular speaker (Aboo Muslimah). Many others followed Aboo Uways’ lead but it was this talk which paved the way and this type of courage has been rarely seen against hizbiyyah in the years which have followed in our lands.

Aqeeda & It’s Importance.

Lum’atul-I’tiqaad (Radiance of Faith) – Ibn Qudamaah Al-Maqdisee

Nullifiers of Islam

Usool as-Sitta ( The Six Fundamentals) – Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab

Usool us-Sunnah ( Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal)

Al-Usooluth-Thalaathah ( Three Principles ) – by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahaab
The Three Fundamental Principles addresses the three questions which the person will be asked in the grave

Al-Qawaid Al-Arb’aa (Four Principles) – Shaykul Islaam Muhammed Ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhab

Aqeedatut Tahaawiyah

Aqeedatut Wasitiyah

Aqeedatut Hamawiyah

Al Wala Al Bara (Affection and Aversion)

Kitab Sharah Sunnah of Barbaharee

The Correct Creed – Based upon the book of Shaykh al Burjiss– by Dr. Saleh As-Saleh

At-Taa’ifah an-Naajiyah al-Mansoorah – Al-‘Allaamah Haafidh Ibn Ahmad Ibn Alee al-Hakami
Distinguishing Signs of the Sunnah [Land-marks along the Road] Concerning the Creed of The Victorious, Saved Group


Fiqh (Jurisprudence)

Obligation of Dawah

General Audio on Dawah

Methodology of Dawah

Characteristics of Dayee

Provision for Dawah & Dawah Training Material

Introductory Audios on Islam for New / Non-Muslims



Health Concerns

Quran Recitation



Laylatul Qadr



End of Ramadhan


After Ramadhan

30 Lessons in Fasting – Shaykh Fawzan [Click Here to Read]

  • 01. Clarifying when the fast of Ramadan became an obligation upon the Ummah
  • 02. Clarifying How to Verify the Month of Ramadan Has Entered
  • 03. The Virtues of the Month of Ramadan and How Should the Month be Greeted
  • 04. What is Befitting that the Time Be Occupied with during the Blessed Month of Ramadan
  • 05. Clarifying the Beginning of the Fasting Day and Its End
  • 06. Clarifying the Ruling of the Intention Regarding the Fast
  • 07. Upon Whom is the Fast Obligatory?
  • 08. Clarifying who is excused to leave off fasting during the month of Ramadan and what is the obligation upon them
  • 09. Clarifying the virtues of fasting
  • 10. Clarifying the benefits of fasting
  • 11. From the Etiquettes of the Fast
  • 12. Clarifying That Which is Forbidden With Regards to the Fasting Person
  • 13. Clarifying What is Disliked for the Fasting Person
  • 14. Explaining the first type from the Corrupters of the Fast
  • 15. Clarifying the second and third invalidators of the fast
  • 16. Clarifying the fourth and fifth invalidators of the fast
  • 17. Clarifying the Rulings in Relation to Making up the Fast
  • 18. Clarifying the Rulings of al-Qadaa (Making Up Missed Days)
  • 19. Salat at-Taraweeh and its rulings
  • 20. Rushing to learn the Qur’an and its recital, especially in this blessed month
  • 21. Charity and its’ rulings
  • 22. Clarifying what is obligatory to pay for Zakat
  • 23. Concerning the Rulings of az-Zakah
  • 24. Incitement Upon Increasing in Striving to Do Righteous Deeds in the Last Ten Nights of Ramadaan
  • 25. On Clarifying the Rulings of I’tikaf
  • 26. On Clarifying the Virtue of Laylat-al-Qadr and Hastening to Strive in It
  • 27.
  • 28. Clarifying what is legislated at the End of the Month
  • 29. Clarifying the Rulings of Sadaqatul-Fitr
  • 30. What is Obligatory Upon the Muslim After the Month of Ramadaan


Three Categories of Tawheed

Tawassul (Intermediation) & Taburrak (seeking blessings from the Messenger)




Goals & Wisdom


Obligation & Its Excellence


Day of Arafah

Sacrifice – Udhiyah – Eid & After

Blessed Days


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