Dawood Adib


  1. Iman
    1. Obstacles Of The New Shahaadah
    2. 4 Pillars of kufr
  2. Innovation
    1. An Analytical Criticism Of Sufism 01 – Part 02
    2. [] Readings in Elementary Qutbism – troid.ca
      Prepared by Salafi Publications, this introductory treatise on Qutbism, the methodology of Sayyid Qutb and the calamities of his revolutionary ideology. Review: An audio narration of the introductory article on Qutbism from Salafi Publications. You can search their website for the series of detailed essays on the topic.
  3. Salah
    1. 9 Conditions of the Salaat
  4. Character – Akhlaq – Tazkiya
    1. [] Perfecting One’s Character Perfects One’s Islaam – troid.ca
      The Messenger of Allaah has informed us that he came to perfect the manners and character. So perfecting one’s character is indeed part of perfecting one’s Islaam.
    2. Purirification of the soul by way of Doaa Part01 | Part02 | Part03
    3. Manners of Drinking Part1 | Part2
    4. Manners of Eating part1 | part2
    5. Manners Of Sleeping (courtesy: salafitapes.com)
    6. al-Adhab al-Mufrad Session 1 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 04 QA | 05 | 05 QA (courtesy: Masjidtawheedchicago.org)
    7. [] What You Can’t see Can Hurt You – The Jinn, Magic and the Evil Eye!! – troid.org
      A khutbah explaining the oft overlooked topic of ‘The Jinn, Magic and The Evil Eye’. Created Beings, forbidden knowledge, jealousy and envy that can harm, corrupt or even kill. In this modern-day society of supposed ‘intellectual awakening’, a society that believes in oxygen, when we can’t see it, a mere false-theory of homosexuality being ‘scientifically’ natural and many other affairs of the unseen, however many of the Muslim and non-Muslim society reject the reality of the Jinn, Magic and The Evil Eye despite its revelation in Qur’aan and explanation in the Sunnah.
  5. Final Journey
    1. Death and the Journey After
      A vivid description of what the soul of the Believer, as well as the non-Believer goes through after they this worldly life.
    2. Trials Of the Grave
    3. Minor Signs Of The Day Of Judgment
  6. Ummah
    1. [] The Muslims Word is Bond – troid.ca
    2. The Weakness Of Ummah And Its Remedy – removed the link
      The above removed as the The brother Dawood himself repented for some wrong things he uttered in the speech. His repentance can be found in the speech “Readings in Elementary Qutbism.”
  7. Dawah
    1. Islam In Focus (courtesy: salafitapes.com)
    2. Why you should be a muslim part 01 | part 02 (courtesy: salafitapes.com)
    3. [] The Role of Women in Da’wah – troid.ca
      A clarification of the role of the Muslim woman in da’wah. This lecture clarifies the middle correct path between two extremes: one extreme which does not afford any such role to the woman, and the other extreme which exaggerates in giving liberties to women.
  8. Family
    1. [] Being Dutiful to Our Parents – troid.ca
      The parents in Islaam have a tremendous right over their offspring. This lecture explains their rights in full, as well as the rights that the offspring have over their parents
    2. Teenager In Islam (courtesy: salafitapes.com)
    3. Engagement For Marriage 01 – Part 02
    4. Teaching the members of the house part1 | part2
    5. Make your houses places of Dhikr of Allah part1 | part2
    6. How we should raise our children prt1 | prt2
    7. Purpose of building a house 1a | 1b | 1c
    8. How to build an islamic household – removed , check this post on salafitalk.net
    9. [] Keeping & Breaking Family Ties – troid.ca
    10. Kindnesss To Parents
  9. Aqeeda & Fiqh
    1. Things that Nullify ones Islam prt1 | prt2
    2. [] Things that make you go Astray – troid.ca
    3. Evolution Of Fiqh 2 (courtesy: salafitapes.com)
  10. Sunnah
    1. Who is the Sunni?
    2. Defending the Sunnah
    3. Who are the Strangers Part01 | Part02
    4. Stories of the Strangers in the Quran Part01 | Part02
    5. Happiness is in As-Salafiyyah – Jumuah Khutba (courtesy: masjidtawheedchicago.org)
    6. [] Following the Qur’aan and Sunnah According to the Salaf – 146 min – troid.ca
      A lecture from the event, ‘Pearls From the Foundations of Ahlul-Athar’ in Toronto, Canada (2002). Aboo Tasneem translates and explains one of the points from Shaykh ‘Abdul-Maalik Ramadaanee al-Jazaa’iree’s noble book. The topic of following the Qur’aan and Sunnah, in essence, being Salafee is discussed along with actualizing the verse in Sooratul-Fatihah, “Guide us to the Straight Way.” (Sooratul-Fatihah, 1:6)
  11. Sins
    1. [] The Doors to Sin are Opened by Thoughts of the Mind – troid.ca
      A Khutbah delivered in Belfast, N. Ireland, March ’05, Allaah mentions, “Allaah wishes to make clear (what is lawful and what is unlawful) to you, and to show you the ways of those before you, and to accept your repentance, and Allaah is the All­Knower, All­Wise. Allaah wishes to accept your repentance, but those who follow their lusts, wish that you should deviate tremendously away from the right path. Allaah wishes to lighten (the burden) for you; and man was created weak.” [Sooratun-Nisaa’, 4:26-27]
    2. Backbiting Part 01 – Part 02
    3. [] How to Remove Sins – troid.ca
      An admonishment that every son of Aadam should heed. How many of us are overcome by our smaller sins that we do not give importance to? Indeed, there is a way to rectify the problem, listen to the lecture and benefit yourself O sinful son or daughter of Aadam!
  12. Fasting
    1. Fasting Part1 – Part2
    2. Lailatul Qadr : The Night Of Decree
  13. Women
    1. Problems Facing Muslim Women 1 | part02
    2. womens q & a
    3. [] The Role of Women in Da’wah – troid.ca
      A clarification of the role of the Muslim woman in da’wah. This lecture clarifies the middle correct path between two extremes: one extreme which does not afford any such role to the woman, and the other extreme which exaggerates in giving liberties to women.
    4. [] Marriage or Education, Which Comes First? – troid.ca
      Review: A touching admonition highlighting those Muslims who put their children, especially their Muslim daughters in these western countries through cultural practices not befitting Islaam. The story of a Muslim sister who is prohibited from marrying a man due to his cultural background being different, coupled with her father’s desire to prevent her from being Salafee and wearing Hijaab! An important lecture for the young muslim and his/her parents. The lecture also exposes the ‘business of education’ and the intellectual brainwashing that has indoctrinated the Muslims with a method of study now, marry later.
    5. [] The Virtues of the Wives of the Du’aat – troid.ca
      States Aboo Tasneem Daawood Adeeb, “The woman who is married to the person who is givingda’wah has to have some qualities. Because she is going to have some pros and some cons. She has a job which is a job for a special woman. And we are not saying that the woman who is married to the person who calls to the way of Allaah is a special woman within herself, we are saying that the woman who is married to a man who has taken up the job full-time as a da’iyah to Allaah and his Tawheed and to call the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah (sallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and manhaj as-salafee and al-‘aqeedatus-salafiyyah, that woman has to be a special woman. She has to have special characteristics that will afford her the opportunity to be able to reap the benefits of being married to a man that has devoted his time on a full-time basis to giveda’wah to the people, to call the people to Allaah…”
  14. Quran – Tafseer
    1. Stories of the Strangers in the Quran Part01 | Part02
    2. Tafsir of Surah Az-Zumar 01 | Part02
  15. Comparitive Religion
  16. Tawheed
    1. Kailimatul Tawyibah :The Good Word
    2. [] Tawheedul-‘Asmaa` was-Sifaat (The Oneness of Allaah in His Names and Attributes) – troid.ca
      Learn about the finer aspect of Tawheed that is often overlooked in terms of importance, and even denied by many Muslims due to their ignorance of the meanings of the texts of the Qur‘aan and Sunnah.
    3. The 4 principles prt2 | prt3 | prt4
  17. Misc
    1. Q A Session (courtesy: salafitapes.com)
    2. Khutbah
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