Amazing Dawah story – Shaykh Abdur
Razzaq Al Badr

Shaykh Abdur Razzaq Al Badr narrates a
personal story and he says the following:
Some years ago I was beside a man, and we
were in the Masjid. We had prayed the Maghrib
prayer and then we sat. I was sitting and I did
not know the person next to me, he was from
some country.
He spread his hands and began to make Dua, in
reality his Dua had an effect upon me because I
did not hear the words he was saying but I could
only hear his crying, he was crying and he had a
tremendous amount of humility in his crying.
So his humility and crying had an effect upon
me, then he raised his voice while making Dua,
and behold, he was making Dua to the
Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be
upon him), instead of making Dua to Allah.
He was saying, increase me O Messenger of
Allah, aid me O Messenger of Allah, he spread
his hands and was making Dua to the
Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be
upon him).
I had been moved by this man, I was affected by
the humility of this man his Dua,but then it
became clear that this man his humility in his
Dua was for other than Allah.
So I began to speak with him in a gradual
manner, making small talk with him, saying
some kind words to him, asking him about his
health, children, family, just ask him about
different things and then I said to him that Dua is
great, and the status of Dua is tremendous, and
the need for it is overwhelming, and Dua is the
opening for all good, so I began mentioning to
him the virtues of Dua.
Then I carried on the conversation by
mentioning some verses, that show the
falsehood of supplicating to other than Allah,
and I mentioned a great number of verses, along
with some Hadeeth. And some of the verses I
mentioned to him were:
And who is more astray than he who
invokes besides Allah those who will not
respond to him until the Day of
Resurrection, and they, of their invocation,
are unaware.[46:5]
And also:
Say, “Invoke those you have claimed [as
gods] besides Him, for they do not possess
the [ability for] removal of adversity from
you or [for its] transfer [to someone else].”
After mentioning the verses and the Ahadeeth I
wanted to be sure if he had understood it or not,
so I said to him: ”What is your opinion on what I
The man said to me: ”You are asking me what is
my opinion? These are verses from the Quran
and these are Ahadeeth, and you ask what is my
opinion? There is no opinion, these are the
speech of Allah and His Messenger.”
But I wanted to be more conviced, did he
understand or not?, so I said to him: ”’Well you
know, I heard you making dua to the messenger,
so how do you apply the verses of the quran and
the hadeeth? Which are very clear and contradict
that which you were doing.”
He said to me: ”I am from such and such a
country, I am from this country and no one has
ever told me this before, but this speech that you
have told me is clear.”
Then the Shaykh explained to the audience that
some people are close to accepting the truth, but
they need for you to explain it to them, so if you
read the verses of Allah to them and the
Ahadeeth, and explain it to them and are clear
with them, then by Allah’s permission they will
return to that which is correct.

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