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Teaching people in Ramadhan

Shaykh Muhammad b. Hadi Al-Madkhali – Allah protect him – said:

Regarding what has been reported from Imam Malik, that when Ramadan came he would roll up the Muwatta (his hadith collection), hang it up and turn to the Quran, is not authentic from him. This is not authentic from Imam Malik.

How many scholars of hadith, how many scholars there were who taught in the month of Ramadan! However, a person might do less of this in Ramadan out of being busy with personal acts of obedience, appointing to himself a regular amount of personal worship that he does not neglect. But he should also not abandon delivering good to the people, and teaching others what benefits them in their religion and in their worldly affairs. In fact, if there is no one else in a person’s locality who can teach others what is necessary for them [to learn], it is not allowed for such a person to leave teaching and meeting the needs of the people, if he is a person who people need. He must therefore be patient and persevere, and he is rewarded for this [by Allah]. This was how Allah’s Messenger was, Allah’s praise and peace be upon him.

Yes, one should pay more attention to the Quran during this blessed month. The very least a student of knowledge should do alongside reciting the Quran this month – the very least he should do if he really wants to turn away from other areas of knowledge – is to finish a tafsir (commentary) of the Quran as well as his recitation of it. So that when the month has passed, he will have finished reciting the entire Quran, while understanding its meanings, by reading an entire tafsir, like Tafsir Ibn Kathir or its abridgment I just mentioned, or Tafsir Al-Baghawi.

Today, we fall very short in reading tafsir. In this area, we students of knowledge have a great weakness. So we should, if there is less attention to learning and teaching other areas of knowledge this month, there should at least accompany [our recitation of] the Quran, during this month of the Quran, a tafsir of the Quran, such that the month ends and one has finished a complete [tafsir] of this Blessed Book.

Allah knows best

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