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Why did u rebel against the Muslim leaders??

Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wassalam) was sent to the world by Allaah as a guidance of the religion of truth, as a mercy to the creation, as an example for the righteous and good doers and as a proof upon the whole humankind. Through him Allaah revealed to us his word and wisdom which contains all for the betterment of worshippers both as regards to the religious affairs like the creed, the beliefs and the method of worshipping , as well as regarding the worldly affairs like the way of conduct, the method of affairs, moral ethics and sublime virtues.

We as Muslims believe that the best way is the way of Prophet as he was directly inspired by the almighty and Allaah revealed all that was necessary for us to understand the deen. So we believe that Prophet (S.A.W) left his nation upon “A clear path, its night is like its day and none deviates from it except that he is destroyed” This is the path that was traversed by the nation that responded to the call of Allaah and his messenger-the best of the creation i.e the sahaba, their followers and the ones who followed them in goodness and this is the path that we are supposed to follow if we want salvation and success in this world and the hereafter.

Most of us accept these facts but unfortunately only a few know this clear path or even if they know they want to turn their backs to it because of their whims, desires or due to the self made image of Islaam which encloses or rather incarcerates them as a bubble and this affair became clear during the recent upcoming in Egypt and Tunisia the fire of which spread to Jordan, Yemen and Middle East. These protests were unfortunate more on the part of so called ‘practicing’ Muslims, who tried to justify them by giving their half baked explanations which they themselves or their sect innovated so as to meet the corrupt interests of their organizations, rather than the ignorant and modernists.

First of all let us be clear, majority in the Egypt are not rebelling for an Islamic state, most of them want democracy.. The crowds shout for Hosni Mubarak out but none of them cries for Quran and Sunnah in. So what do they want????    If the system in Egypt is not Islamic what are the people crying for???  Is it the book of Allaah?? No!! They want to replace one Unislamic system with the other. So the so called Islamic revivalists who are pointing fingers at the Ahlus Sunnah, they must answer that is this their revival??  And even if they somehow prove that it is the call for establishment of Shariah, how do they expect establishing shariah by means that are in clear contradiction and opposition to the statements of the Salaf?? Isn’t then calling all this ‘Islamic’ a hoodwink to the world by these artful dodgers?

The reason why the earlier nations where destroyed was because they differed amongst themselves, differed regarding the clear commands of Alaah and the clear guidance of their messengers. We are following them in this regard too as we follow and imitate them in every next thing..  Nobody will ever dare to prescribe a medicine to other person if he is not a qualified enough; nobody will give edicts regarding math, science, English or any other worldly SKILL but why is everyone so much courageous to give edicts regarding the deen of Allaah without knowledge. The audacity is not giving edicts but rather giving own meanings and explanations to the matters that are clear as the water of a brook, and the matters which have the affirmations from the giants of this deen..

If you are a Muslim how dare you disobey Allaah and his messenger, how dare u pelt stones if they forbid u to do so, how dare u kill the innocent if they forbid you to do so and how can u rebel against a Muslim ruler when Allaah and his messenger repeatedly warned u from doing it??

How can we protest when Messenger of ALLAH peace and blessings are upon him, taught, taught, taught; and the text can be found in Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukari and other than that.

“Obey them as long as they establish the prayer amongst you. (Obey them) in that which you like and dislike. He (peace and blessings are upon him) said: “Obey them as long as they establish the prayer amongst you”. They said: “Shall we not make war against them with our swords?” He ( peace and blessings are upon him) said: “No, as long as they pray”


Oppressive rulers, but despite this the Prophet, peace and blessings are upon him, ordered (the Muslims) to be patient with them and he did not allow rebelling against them. And the one that rebels against them (the rulers) has rebelled against the above words of the Prophet.. The hadith is so clear that it would need no further clarification but it and its like have been explained with minute details by the scholars because the evil mongers were to exist in every era..

Imaam Ibnul Qayyim (rahimahullaah) talked about what people think is the fitnah of “our times”, i.e. meaning his own times, but this applies just as well to the contemporary fitnah of our own times. About the ways of Allaah in this creation vis-a-vis the rulers and the ruled, he said :


“And contemplate Allaah’s Wisdom when He made people of authority, making them a reflection of the ruled. It is as if the deeds of the ruled appear in the form and deeds of their rulers :

if the ruled are upright, then their rulers will be upright

if the ruled incline away from uprightness, then their rulers will do the same to them

if the ruled transgress and oppress, then their rulers will do the same to them

if there appears deception and plotting from the ruled, then it will be the same from their rulers

if the ruled take away the rights of the people and become miser as to the rights of others, then their rulers will do the same to them and deprive them of their rights

if the ruled take away from the oppressed /weak among them that which they deserve not to take in their transactions with them, then their rulers will do that towards the ruled’s wealth and take what they deserve not, and impose on the ruled taxes and assignments

and whenever the ruled take from the oppressed and weak unjustly, then their rulers will do the same to them and take it by force

so the actions of the ruled appear in the actions of the rulers and it is not in the Divine Wisdom that Allaah assigns authority over the wicked and evils ones, EXCEPT to the ones who are of their own kind

Since the first generation was of the best generation and of the most righteous, … so were their leaders righteous

It is not befitting Allaah’s Wisdom that in “our times” (Ibnul Qayyim’s times) that those assigned to authority over us be the like of Muaawiya and ‘Umar bin ‘Abdul ‘Aziz, not to mention Abu Bakr and ‘Umar. The leaders of those before us were in accordance with their own conditions and ranks. Our leaders are in accordance with our own condition and rank. In both cases, this is entailed by the Wisdom of Allaah.”


And it goes with us too..If we think our leader are corrupt it’s just because we have become corrupt and whatever we may do we will have similar leaders until and unless we revert back to the book of Allaah and the sunnah of the Messenger. Allaah doesn’t change the condition of the people unless they change it themselves. We can’t make our leaders an alibi in order to condone our own faults and mistakes.


The Shaikh and Imaam, Abdul-Lateef ibn Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Hasan Aal Shaikh said, in powerful words that uncover the confusing doubts in this topic and that refute the one who spreads them from amongst the ignoramuses, “… And those people, those who are under trial, do not know that with the exception of Umar ibn Abdul-Azeez and whoever Allah willed from among the Banee Umayyah, great mishaps, insolence, taking up arms (against the people) and corruption occurred from most of those in charge (wullaat) of the people of Islaam from the time of Yazeed ibn Mu’aawiyah (till the present). But along with that, the manner and behavior of the notable scholars and mighty leaders with the rulers is well-known and renowned — they do not raise a hand against giving obedience in that which Allaah and His Messenger have commanded from among the legislated actions and obligatory duties of Islaam.


And I will give you an example, that of al-Hajjaaj ibn Yoosuf ath-Thaqafee, and his affair is well known in the ummah, that of oppression, repression, excessiveness in spilling the blood (of the Muslims), desecration of the Sanctities of Allaah, the killing of whomever he killed amongst the notables of the umrnah such as Sa’eed ibn Jubair, the besieging of Ibn az-Zubair even though he had sought refuge in the Haram, and making lawful the sacred and sanctified, the killing of Ibn az-Zubair, even though Ibn az-Zubair had given obedience to him and the people of Makkah, Medinah, Yemen, and most of ‘lraaq had given the pledge of allegiance to him (Ibn az-Zubair) and al-Hajjaaj was only a deputy of Marwaan, and then of his son ‘Abdul-Malik and none of the khulafaa’ (successors) had given Marwaan a pledge and none of the influential people, those with power had given the pledge of allegiance to him. And along with all of this none of the People of Knowledge hesitated in obeying him and complying with him in that in which obedience is permissible from amongst the pillars of Islaam and its obligations.


Aren’t these statements and these incidents enough for the people who shout and scream? This is Islaam and Is not Islaam and its principles enough as proof against them for the laymen who get somehow influenced but their passionate but hollow and corrupt ideologies. Islaam is not about ideologies, thoughts or opinions but rather about following the Messenger and the Salaf and from them what we derive is that everything that is going on right now is not correct from an Islamic point of view, the only point of view worthy to judge the people and times from.


And we have more examples like that of Ibn Umar And Ibn ‘Umar and whoever met al-Hajjaaj were from amongst the Companions of Allah’s Messenger (swallallahu alaihi wasallam) and they never contested with him and nor did they prevent obedience to him in that by which Islaam is established and by which eemaan is perfected. And it is likewise for those who were also in the era of al-Hajjaaj from among the taab’ieen such as Ibn al-Musayyih, al-Hasan al-Basree, Ibn Seereen, Ibraaheem at-Taimee and those like them from among the leaders of the Ummah. And the affair continued like this between the leading scholars of the ummah, they would enjoin obedience to Allah and His Messenger and making jihaad in His path along with every leader (Imaamn) whether righteous or sinful, as is well known in the books of the fundamental principles and beliefs of the religion.

The prohibition of reviling the Rulers (Umaraa) has been reported more specifically, on account of the kindling of the fire of tribulation and the opening of the doors of evil upon the Ummah that it contains.


Ziyaad ibn Kusaib al-Adawiyy said, “I was with Abu Bakrah beneath the minbar (pulpit) of Ibn Aamir. He was giving a speech and was wearing a fine garment. So Abu Bilaal said: ‘Look at our ameer wearing the garment of the disobedient.’ Then Abu Bakrah said, “Be silent. I heard the Messenger of Allaah (swallallahu alaihi wasallam) say: ‘Whoever demeans the sultaan (ruler) upon the earth, Allaah will humiliate him” [Sunan of at-Tirmidhee, no. 2225]


Imaam al-Barbahaaree (d. 329) said, “When you see a man making a supplication against the Ruler (Sultaan) then know that he is a person of desire. And when you hear a man making a supplication for the Ruler, for his rectification, then know that he is a person of the Sunnah, if Allaah, the Exalted, wills. Fudayl Ibn ‘Iyaad says, “If I had a supplication (that would be answered) I would not make it except for the Ruler.” So we have been commanded that we supplicate for them, for their rectification and we have not been commanded to make a supplication against them, even if they oppress and commit injustice, and this is because their oppression and injustice is against themselves but their rectification is for them and for the Muslims.” Tabaqaatub-Hanaabilah, 2/36.

End Quote:

Ibnul Qayyim states

The Wisdom of Allaah ( pertains to His Attributes. He puts things in accordance with His Hikmah and puts them in their proper places with what fits. The Wisdom of Allaah has a noble and most perfect objective.

As for those who hasten in making these roads for “deliverance” and see getting rid of the rulers as the solution to their problems, they confuse symptoms and disease.

The rulers are seen as being the causes when in reality they are only the symptoms. The true illness is within the ruled. Therefore, all endeavors towards finding a solution should focus on the ruled themselves.

So my brothers and sisters don’t get caught up in emotions. The best of the revivals, colossal and leviathan,  was the one that Prophet brought, that changed the whole existence, whole era and the whole world, that marked the beginning of a new age, the age of truth, the age of Al-Islaam. So if we want to make a revival, we must do it in the footsteps of the Prophet not by going against his commands and orders…

In the establishment of all systems the youth played a vital role. Our youth are the followers of Muhammad(Salallahu alaihi wassalam). None is better then them. So i give a clarion call to my brothers to rise up and discard all the ideologies that call you to disobey the ideology of Islaam. Rather then protesting and pelting stones O my brothers send the sky piercing gestures by virtue of your dawah and dedication in spreading tawheed. Utilize your strength not in screaming and shouting but rather utilize your knowledge and strength for the cause of Islaam. Dedicate yourselves to protect Islaam, use your time to preach Islaam throughout the world.


”Allaah will certainly help those who will aid his cause-for verily Allaah is full of strength, and exalted in might”


Ya Allaah guide us to the right path..ameen




Khawar Khan Achakzai






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